Welcome to Central: a place for critical thinkers to share thought-provoking ideas and commentary which leads to healthy discussions, not noise.

But, who needs another blogging platform?

You don't. Central is a place for all forms of thought-provoking ideas that matter to you, not necessarily for those who keep shouting out loud an already-popular opinion or are heavily biased in one direction or another.

Central is designed to promote ideas from critical thinkers who like to 'stir the pot' and engage the minds of an intellectual audience, not a platform that keeps repeatedly propagating the same, tired point of view over and over, as is currently the case with Medium.

So, Central is an alternative to Medium?

That's one of the intentions... but the possibilities are endless.

One of the problems and biggest complaints with Medium is no matter how much you tailor your reading preferences, certain subjects and topics which may have no relation to your interests keep popping up over and over on the front page, on your feed, newsletters and other dedicated sections of the website. To spell it out bluntly, these themes often include social topics such as politics, feminism, diversity, and those endorsing leftist agenda. In fact, their "star" stories frequently awarded with large promotional banners and even exclusive pages of their own almost always carry a  heavy left-wing bias.

But this isn't about that. Whether you agree with the point of view frequented by Medium or not is beyond the scope. Heavy bias in either direction: left or right, is a problem.

Medium also continues to unfairly curate (in other words, "endorse" and circulate widely in their newsletters and featured posts) stories around peculiar themes and writing styles, while disregarding quality content written by thought leaders which may be paramount, but not sensational enough for its audience. For example, this may include a technologically advanced article explaining algorithms. Their in-house curation team of three-dozen "clowns" care more about immaculate editing and promote dramatic, emotionally charged articles no matter how illogical the actual argument being made by the author may be, rather than that what's smart.

The end result? Dumb attracts dumb: don't believe it until you've been on Medium long enough to learn from its "most popular" authors and commenters.

Yeah... Central strives to be different.

Who can write?

Anyone. Our editing software is pretty awesome too. To pilot Central in iterations however, new members will be registered as Contributors first who may submit and be published after a review by one of the in-house editors, and eventually be promoted to Authors after their first 3 posts. This measure helps us keep spammers and noise out and assess if the writer is a good fit for Central.

Don't hesitate to submit your best pitches and ideas to editor@central.onl.

Check out start writing on Central page.

Are there any hard rules?

Well, yes - the following 'rules' will help you stand out on Central and uphold its principles.

  • Think from a central and "neutral" point of view.

    If you consider yourself left-leaning on certain topics, sincerely consider and explore the right-side perspective, and vice-versa. Central is not a place where only one form of opinion counts. Not only this will make your content stand out as being "likeable" across wide audiences, it helps you critically think and expand your horizons, and ultimately augments your writing. Avoid extremes on or heavy bias towards either side as that may only alienate some of your audience and makes Central no different than Medium.
  • Respect everyone.

    While "political correctness" is not a prerequisite–on the contrary Central is designed to promote diverse viewpoints leading to healthy discussions; writers and commentators must be well aware at all times to be respectful and take into account the overall sentiment of the community. Simple rule is, if you wouldn't say it to someone's face, don't write it like that publicly. Healthy debates and engaging ideas, even as a contrarian, is one thing and may even be appreciated. Name-calling and putting others down is a another thing and will not be tolerated.
  • Don't be stupid.

    Of course, before presenting a point of view or analysis, do your due diligence and research to the best of your ability.
  • No blatant promotions.

    It's okay to link to your company or a product only if its highly relevant and related to what is being discussed, however doing this often may certainly grab our editorial attention and warrant editing.
  • Don't be evil.

    Don't spam, don't hack, don't do illegal or bad stuff.

    Central is powered by Ghost. In addition to terms and conditions imposed by our website, you're also bound by theirs. If you've come across a security vulnerability or anything else that needs attention, report it responsibly to them first.
  • Own your content, please.

    Only post content that you have rights to. 'Syndicating' from another blog is okay if you have permission to do so. Consider using Creative Commons-licensed media, where applicable, or Unsplash for sourcing images. Good news is, Unsplash is built into our editor.

Who owns the content?

You retain exclusive rights to your content. By posting to Central, you do grant us a non-exclusive license to your content: to publish it on our website, feature it in our newsletters, promotions, ads and any areas which may be deemed relevant to the business activities. There is no restriction or a "minimum exclusivity" period for a submission, so you may freely print or publish the story elsewhere, or in another medium at anytime, in addition to featuring it on Central.

Can I help out in any capacity?

We are always looking for editors and moderators who'd like to engage early on and make Central into something bigger. Feel free to reach out (see below).

I'd like to share some feedback...

We are just piloting so don't hesitate to write to editor@central.onl or Tweet us at @CentralOnl.

For legal inquiries relating to copyright and DMCA requests, email legal@central.onl.

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